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amazing Amazon finds

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Hey Amazon shoppers! Welcome to a fun little post filled with some of my fav products and a link associated to make your shopping as easy as pie! Amazon has really impressed me with some of their skincare options, items and tools. Which is why I am here to share with you some of my favs! Things listed here are items I use in my own beauty routines and what I use in clinic as a business owner! Keep your eye on this blog because it will be forever evolving!

In addition to my favourite skincare and beauty items I had to share some of my home organization finds that help keep things tidy at home (tidy and organized things keep me sane) and it was a must to share my bridal finds too! If getting married has taught me anything, it is share all your bridal information as much as possible!! Oh and one last addition...Frankie also wanted to leave a few of his favourite things, he felt left out. He felt that since he is quite active in the snuggles while blogs get written and uploaded, he felt his input on his favourite dog toys was important here too, so there's that little fun surprise for you!

My Beauty Routines & Products

Ice Globes : These are fantastic for all skin types. Face globes are primarily used to help treat puffiness, redness and flushing in the skin. It provides immediate relief! Especially if you find your skin flushes easily and or retains a lot of heat these globes can be a beautiful option. They are SUPER easy to use as well! I use these under my eyes when puffy, I use these in a gentle lymphatic stimulation kind of way and I use these if I ever feel under the weather; even self induced illness if you are catching my drift.

These ice globes are used in clinic as well, especially in our famous Fire & Ice Treat•ment! (Book your Fire & Ice) If you are an aesthetician I highly recommend adding these to your tool belt. This can not only provide an amazing result it adds to your services, which makes it more fun for you and more luxurious for the client. Shop now and add these to your home routine and make it spa style. These ones are my favourite because they are so cute and match my aesthetic.

Sparkly Glass Ice Globes This option is great if you are clumsy like me. Yes, I have dropped the ones above before and it was not a great moment... so I opted for these less cute but still super effective Ice Globes.

Stainless Steel unbreakable Ice Globes

Refillable Ice Roller: Similar to the Ice globes, this Refillable Ice Roller can save your skin and feel good doing so! It can also be a perfect way to wake up and an easy quick addition to your morning routine. If you don't cleanse in the morning, thats fine! Rub this on your skin, apply your hyaluronic acid and you will be more than refreshed and hydrated! You will love this in the summer time and on vacation as well! This little guy is small enough to be packed up and taken with you! Don't forget, you can have some fun with it! Crush up some cucumber, or add turmeric or even aloe to up-level the skin benefits! Happy ice rolling and happy skincare shopping!

Facial Cupping Set: If you find you retain water easily, facial cupping is a great option for you. If you find your face can be overly bloated, facial cupping is a great option for you. If you find you want a natural solution for your fine lines or wrinkles, facial cupping is a great option for you. If you find you have congestion or blemishes, facial cupping can be a great option for you. I cannot teach this, but I can provide tips and tricks on what to do. Always consult your doctor if you have underlining health concerns or any active conditions; or if you have any reason to believe this may not be a safe practice for you. If you have acne avoid going over the lesions, you can go around the blemishes and work at lymphatic points to encourage drainage. You could even work the neck and decollaté to help release some congestion. Moving upward with the Facial Cupping Set is to give a nice lift and contour treatment to the skin, defining jaw line, cheek bones and plumping up fine lines. Moving downward is for drainage. This is where its important to watch a YouTube video or two to know what main spots you should be sliding by. Oh, and keep moving, and use oil!

Pimple Patches: If you know me, you know I swear by spot treatments! Pimple Patches are another way to treat blemishes! You can use these as you feel or see a blemish. Simply and easily cover the blemish and leave it there for the day if you are working from home or it can be apart of your night time routine and leave them on as you sleep. You can apply one or as many as your skin needs! They are like pimple bandaids! This is also great because if they are covered, you are les likly to pick! So you can tell I'm in support of this. These Pimple Patches work by covering the inflamed spot while the hydrocolloid helps absorb bacteria and reduce further growth!

Silk Pillow Case 2 PK: Beauty sleep is a real thing. This is where the Silk Pillow Case 2 PK cases come in. Silk pillow cases pull less on hair, absorb less facial product (allowing it to sink into the skin verses the pillow case), cause less wrinkles and creases while your face is pushed into the pillow and silk is less abrasive for your skin. Something that takes no extra effort (except for ordering them) with a benefit, sounds good to me! Probably even sounds good to you! I suggest ordering a few as well so that when its wash day you have some extras available. Extra special if you have these in your guest room for when they come over! Healthy beautiful skin and hair for all! When shopping this link you will see different prices for the different colour options… kinda annoying if you ask me, but it is what it is.

NOW Pure Jojoba Oil : There is so much fear in oils, but natural oils are safe and beneficial! We must stay away from synthetic oils and those are not these! Jojoba oil is an oil I have been using for years as an option for my chest and face massages! I also love to add some oil if my skin is dry or sensitive, I find adding a little facial oil so soothing and hydrating. I also love a good excuse to massage my face! This (and the other oils I use and recomend) are perfect to use with your facial tools such as your home hand held LED, jade roller, gut sha and more! So those are general tips about oils. In terms of Jojoba oil, this is a great option because its hypoallergenic, it promotes collagen synthesis, controls sebum production, non comedogenic, moisturizing, anti bacterial and antioxidant. As you can see its great for all skin types, super safe and has many benefits!

Now Grape Seed Oil Mirroring what was mentioned above, this oil compliments what was said. However, I will share with you the benefits of grape seed oil specifically. Grape seed oil is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and those with blemish prone skin. Grapeseed helps balance free radicals and balances pH- which means treats bacteria and is hydrating. Grape seed is naturally antimicrobial which means it inhibits or slows the spread of harmful microorganisms; hence its importance and effectiveness in helping with acne/blemish prone skin.

Velcro (no heat) Hair Rollers: I have always been really concerned with my hair. I always want it to grow more, be thicker, and be styled nicely. The catch is, my hair does not grow (or barely, nothing worth noting) its quite thin (although I do have to say this has improved) and it holds no style. I have not figured out how to make these work perfectly with my hair, I love them because they are heatless which doesn't cause damage to my hair. These Velcro buddies also provides a volume I cannot achieve naturally. So thats at least something for me! If you have thin hair, let them stay in your hair for a few hours, texture spray also helps! A little bonus about this specific product it has the cutest little organizer pouch! Its easy to store, easy to travel with and keeps everything tidy and in one place. Thats a big thing for a type-A like myself!

Dry Brush: Dry brushing is a popular and great trend right now, so here is your link to hop on the trend and treat your body! Great for exfoliating dead skin, improving smooth healthy radiant body skin, fights cellulite and encourage some sexy lymphatic drainage! Great to do before the shower and especially in those cool winter months! This one is great because the size is easy to use and monomer and the price, well its one that many people can get on board with! I’m always down for a good price for a good product!

Health Conscious

GoGo Quinoa Pasta: We are a pasting loving household. Sometimes a healthy option is imperative. Especially for me, I find if I eat a big bowl of pasta, or even if I eat it often I get super bloated. Not just like, oh yah she had a lot of pasta bloated; like we are talking about uncomfortable bloated, won't poop for days kind of bloated. So this is a perfect option and the added protein is a plus too! You can also find this brand and other pasta (like Fusili, macaroni, etc) at Superstore, Healthy Planet and Costco. I just find the size and price best on amazon. That being said, its not always easy to find or in stock- but hey good luck! It’s worth the shot!

GoGo Quinoa Cookies: Okay, so I get it everything in moderation and I am a firm believer on still snacking on your fav things… but who doesn’t like a healthier alternative. Like if the option is there, why not indulge during the times your trying to avoid your true guilty pleasure. You will also not even realize these are healthier than your other chocolate chip cookies. These are so yummy and a perfect must have for my lunch! Its a quick two biter cookie I can eat during my busy break-less days!

Wrist and ankle Weights: Choose your weight and choose your health! You are worth it, your health is worth it! These can be simply added to any work day or work out! Even when tidying the house, running around doing laundry, even out playing with the kids or walking the dog. Toss these suckers on your ankles and get that mini work out in! Seriously, it’s better than nothing. I will velcro these up on my ankles under my pants while at work ( they have to be a super baggy pant). I sit so much during the day that the little extra weight is helpful for the times I do move. I would recommend if you are just starting out back in the workout game to start with 3 pounds to get used to it so you don't throw off your balance while walking with an extra 5 pounds on your ankles! I am excited to use these more and find fun ways to incorporate them into my healthy lifestyle.

For my Fellow Aestheticians, Beauty Therapist & Business Owners!

Hey esti-bestie! I hope some of these recommendations are helpful for you in your clinic and to offer to clients. I love spreading the word and sharing my fav things, so here we are! If you want more advise, tips, tricks, products and all things business and beauty follow my instagram page InspirationsBeautyAcademy I would love to get better acquainted. You can also head over to my website and join the email list for savings, early bird registration and much much more to come! Spreading the love from one beauty therapist to another!

As I outline these for aestheticians, I realize these totally can be for at home if you want a really luxurious set up! I know my dream bathroom has all kinds of tools and equipment, so professional or not, these can could be for you!

Alright, back to Amazon Shopping!

The Tools:

Skincare Mini Fridge: This is an item I dont have in my bathroom currently, but it is in my dream bathroom. I love it in my clinic for my sensitive skins and for those Treat•ments that can be a bit spicy. Using a roller, serum, sheet mask or eye gels that have been in the fridge is next level. Its also amazing to see how much of the flushing and redness goes down! Additionally you will feel how quick we can help heat escape the skin! It is all about bringing forward a luxury sensory experience while providing the best result! This does the trick! Especially for home keep your skincare, put your Ice Globes in here and even use the front light up mirror for your makeup applications!

3 PC Bottle Warmer: I love this tool (equipment) for so many reasons! Like I had just mentioned I am all about luxury and doing the little things that are actually the big things. A 3 PC Bottle Warmeris just that. Heat up your massage oil so its nice and warm for the client (yum), I also fill one of the bottles with water so that the facial water I use is always warm (my tap takes forever to get warm water to me) This also saves time in-between clients because the water is refiled and ready for the next. I also use this for my ultrasound gel for when I do laser or ultrasound. Nothing like some freezing gel to wake you up. See, it's the little things that add to the wow factor.

Tweezer Set of 2: Everyone needs a good set of tweezers, I don’t care who you are or what you do. Tweezers should be in everyones bathroom and every beauty therapist’s treatment room. Finding a good set, look no more! I love this pair because they can grip the finest smallest hairs and they can tug in one swift movement those thick long angry looking brow hairs. I go for the teal colour which you will see because it goes great with my clinic aesthetic, but hey you can choose a colour you prefer, or get the teal and think of me!

Creating the Cozy:

Twin Duvet: Creating the table to be extra cozy is a big goal of mine. I personally love being covered in fluff, with super soft things around me and even some weight is good; So, naturally thats my goal with the clinic table. This Twin Duvet is a lovely option, especially if a weighted blanket is not the clients preference. Give me allllll the cozy possible! PS. The table (AKA "bed") is one thing almost all my clients comment on... so I must be doing something right!

Twin Duvet Cover: Having white things in the clinic look clean and sharp, but yes they get dirtier easier with oils and masks and all the fun stuff! This is why having a Twin Duvet Cover for the duvet itself is important! Remove the cover and clean that! It keeps the Twin Duvet in great condition longer and it makes for easier clean up! It’s one thing to have the coziest treatment room, but its another to have a sanitary clean one!

3 Piece Set, Massage Table Flannel Sheets: I LOVE this 3 piece set! I was so happy when I saw it, anxious for it to meet my expectations when I ordered it and thrilled when I received it! This is defiantly a must have and a highly recommended package deal for all my clinic owners!

6 Pack Body Best Fitted Massage Table Sheets: Sheets are constantly on rotation in my clinic so I have many many many sets! Fitted sheets we use on all our tables so I always have extras of these!

Massage Table Warmer: This deserves a 5 star rating. If you are looking for ONE simple way to make your table that much cozier, this is it. It is SO simple and EVERYONE will comment! I turn mine on at the beginning of my day and the only time I tamper with it is if someone asks me to turn it down or turn it off. In the winter (especially Canadian winters) this does not go unnoticed let me tell you. In the summer I have it on, believe it or not! I just have the settings super low. This Massage Table Warmer brings your service up a star without even touching the client.

Velcro Spa Wraps : I typically prefer button clasps as I find they last longer. I just find since these items are washed sooooooo frequent.y the velcro eventually doesnt stick, so I have gravvitated towards button verses velcro. That being said, sometimes its good to have a cheaper alternative. So this is my affordable easy order option!

Button Up Spa Wrap: These are pricey per unit but they last! I have started to invest in button wraps so that I dont always hae to fight with velcro. Not only over time does the velcro become less secure, the velcro also gathers other fabrics and hair... you know excatly wha I am talking aout. So as much as this is an investment it is user friendly, clean and a long term business investment!


Disposable Round Multi-colour Facial Sponges: Although I would prefer them to be white (which can be found, it just depends if you want to pay for it) I recommend this package of yellow and multi colour sponges because the pricing is amazing for the quality and how many you get. So if it has to be a little off brand to save a few bucks... I do. Plus, I am not even sure the clients notice or care! Here is the link to my at this moment favourite Disposable Round Multi-colour Facial Sponges. This is a link that might change periodically. I truly look for a good deal, I look at how many are in the one package and compare pricing. If I find that a pack of 60 sponges for $20 is better than this package for $40 then I will purchase the 60 pack a few times! I encourage you to price match, know how many you need per order and this can help you see which deal is best for you!

Disposable Lip Applicators: Of course there are many uses for these little guys, I find these are always important to have on the cart or in storage. Again, love the quality, quantity and price. Yes you can go super cute with these and match your colours or get sparkly sticks and yes those are super cute, I am a gal that loves sparkle; but this is another item I go for practicality over cute-ness (which doesn't happen often if I am being honest) I personally try and splurge for the cuteness and on brand for the things clients really see and experience! That’s just me though, if you are going for all on brand you go! Same deal with the Disposable Lip Applicators as theDisposable Round Multi-colour Facial Sponges facial sponges. Compare your cost per use to see what is budget friendly! The link here is the one I very frequently choose over other deals I see!

Gauze: Often something as simple as these can be an esti-bestie! Even clients can comment “ooh ,what is that its so soft” and your magic answer can be as simple as Gauze! It’s funny how a consumable like this can be so loved! It could even be used in home care to aid in makeup removal and cleansing if desired so!

Disposable Hair Wraps: Some services and some products call for a Disposable Hair Wraps. It just is what it is! I try to avoid using as many disposable items as possible to be environmental conscious... but sometimes there's a need for items like this. Especially if you use those Estimax Masks, you know that these are always a good idea, or with dermaplaning to help you outline exactly what hair clients would like to be removed, these are tightly snug to the head so you can move and adjust giving you the perfect hair line outline!

Witch Hazel 12 PKG: If you have storage, I recommend ordering this! It lasts forever because you get 12 at a time! I love to over stock so that I don't run out of product for a while! I like to be always prepared! This is my perfect option, once I get to only a few left in clinic I re-order my box of 12! The link will hopefully be coming soon, its currently unavailable. Sad day for those who need to stock up!

Clinic Decor:

Set of 4 White Certificate Frames: As you grow your knowledge and expertise, you should flaunt it in your space. I love these affordable yet simple white frames! Perfect to rest on a desk or hang on your wall. Show off those certificates! They are a reasonable price and do the job they need to do. Again, in my clinic white is the vibe; but of course do what speaks to you and match your aesthetic!

6 Pack 5X7 White Picture Frames: These are great for a few spots in clinic that I want to put a nice photo, some word art, a promotional note or even some amazing pre and post results! These frames were just perfect for all these uses! Of course choose your size and your colour but having frames can be such an easy and personal touch! I am excited to share what I am using all mine for in clinic!

Keeping the Clinic Clean

Are we team Cavi or PREempt? What do we prefer!? Disinfecting is not a negotiable and isn’t somewhere cost is a factor for me. I do purchase the one I feel most confident in, making sure its doing its job most effectively. I also make sure its approved and following Health Canada standards, so make sure whereever you are that you are following proper recomendations and protocol. I personally use PREempt but have not strayed away to CaviWipes because PREempt is what I know and use.. would love to learn your thoughts on CaviWipes!

CaviWipes PREempt Wipes

Learn More

I love learning about skincare (as you know) and I also love sharing it, which you also know by now! Cuddle up and read to expand your knowledge! These are my top three fav books in skincare!

- Eat Pretty Jolene Hart - Reverse the Signs of Aging - Dr. Nigma Talib - The Beauty Insider - Alison Young

House Organization

I am no Marie Kondo but I do love a good organization hack and or gadget! One of my favourite things to do lately is purge my house (and clinic) and then create new systems with sexy organization so that its easy to maintain and looks good always! If you are like me, then maybe some of these links will ease your mind and keep things organized! Mmm, sexy!

8 Pack Velvet Jewelry Organizer: One of the ways I am decluttering is going through even the small things like my jewelry drawer, getting rid of things of course but also cleaning the jewelry and setting it up in an organized easy appealing fashion. Already doing this has me excited to wear some jewelry pieces I forgot about. Win win!

Stackable Can Organizer: Unfortunately, we do not have a pantry which this would be great in, but Josh did build a shelving unit in our basement to store and organize our foods, when I saw this I was excited to implement this into our “systems”. Previously we have stored the cans in bins… but as you know thats much harder to see what’s piled on top of each other.. it simply is not as easy of a system nor does it look this clean. Stackable Can Organizer just is the better option. As you are catching now; I like a good system!

Silicone Baking Cups: This is more of an item that I needed one day baking muffins, the paper muffin wraps can be super cute and great for going to an event, or for your kids birthday to bring to school; you know somewhere you don’t need to collect the cups back (haha) these are great for home baking and are environmental friendly, yay to less trash and more reusable items!

Bride, Wedding and all the things!

5x7 Gold Acrylic Sign or Photo Frames: These can be used in so many ways, we are using them as part of our centre pieces! I love the simplicity yet modern vibe to these and they are perfect for future events to come! Use them for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties- truly any event you want cohesive and stylish these are a great option. Great quality, great quantity, great price! Happy event planning!

Boob Tape: Lets face it, some of the cute outfits we want to wear to our engagement party, bachelorette and even our wedding dresses dont allow for a bra. This is the best sticky Boob Tape I have come across. Also perfect for all your bridesmaids! This is a must have, even a cute addition to have in your bathroom for your guests at your wedding, those gals attending your wedding tarring it up on the dance floor will appreciate it!

Bridal Shower Earrings : Cant decide if you wnat to go pearls or jewels? Don't choose one or the other ! Choose both! I wore these earrings for my bridal shower, super elegant and bridal, but also a great option to have in your jewellery box for future fancy events!

Frankie's Picks:

Anxiety Snuggle Pup: This was something we got for Frankie when he was a little pup! I had read these were great at soothing them to sleep and for when