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Everything You Need To Know & More About Laser Hair Removal

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hey there, you have come across this blog post to learn everything there is to know about laser hair removal. Maybe you are interested in booking your own appointment and you wanted to learn more before doing so! I hope this will answer any questions you have, and I hope after reading this you feel prepared for your laser treatment and ready to book. I also hope this provides you with more knowledge so that you truly feel comfortable and educated about the procedure of laser hair removal!

How Does Laser Work? The laser used during this procedure is a laser specifically designed to treat unwanted hair. The laser is a strong light emitting diode; this light is attracted to the melanin in the hair. So once the laser can detect the melanin in the hair shaft, it will singe that hair follicle. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light, once this process happens the light is what damages the cell that re-creates hair. Therefore, after a few treatments the damaged hair follicles will be lighter, thinner or even non-existent. The FDA defines permanent reduction as hair that does not regrow after 2 growth cycles; therefore this is how and why laser hair removal is known as a permanent reduction option. I use a very reliable and effective machine called the Light Sheer.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

It absolutely is safe as long as you are going to someone professional and certified. Please (always) do your research. However, just to make you feel more comfortable with laser being a safe procedure, the light that penetrates the hair shaft can only go 2-6 millimeters deep. The reason why this is important information is because this means it does not go deep enough to damage any organs.

How Many Treatments will I Need?

Unfortunately there is no absolute or concrete answer to this common question. I can provide an estimate or a generally educated assessment but nothing infinite. This is because everyone responds to the laser differently. Everyone has different skin types and skin tones; and everyone has different hair, whether it is thin, course, sparse, congested, light, dark etc. It also varies because it depends on the area being treated. However, a general estimate to guide you is 4-6 treatments for fair skin individuals and on average 7-10 for those individuals with darker skin. After you are happy with your results, you can stop with your scheduled treatments. If you find later down the road you have some hairs that are growing in, the occasional touch up is the best option. Just an FYI: Male backs are the hardest area to treat, and bikini/brazilian responds the best. I do not offer package deals for this reason. My prices are already very competitive for the education I provide and the machine I use and I can never promise that if you purchase a package of 4 treatments you will be at your desired results. The flip side to this is if you purchase a package of 6 but only need 4 treatments the refunds get tricky. You can find all prices listed below and or on my service page of my website, you will see that my prices are very reasonable, especially if you have been shopping around.

What Could Cause My Hair to Grow Back After My Laser Treatments? Hormonal changes are one of the main influencers that could trigger spontaneous hair growth. This includes puberty, pregnancy, menopause and any hormonal supplements/medications. Excessive Stress is another factor that could lead to hair growth. This is because hair growth is also influenced by hormonal changes. However, it is important to note that IF you hair does grow back for the listed reasons, it is highly likely that the regrown hair will not be as course or dark as it originally once was. So having a few touch up treatments likely will be very beneficial.

How often do I Need to Come for My Treatments? If you are treating your facial hair, each session should be 4-6 weeks apart. If you are treating body hair, each session should be 6-8 weeks apart.

What do I Need to do to Prep for My Laser Treatment? Prepping for your laser treatment is very simple. First things first, make sure you have not waxed, sugared or threaded the area (shaving is fine) for at least 4-6 weeks. In order to have your laser treatments effective the hair bulb needs to be present, this is why waxing for example is not okay and shaving is. Make sure the area being treated has been free from sun exposure. Laser over tanned or dark skin can be dangerous if laser technician is not careful. This is because the laser picks up the melanin in the hair shaft and the laser wont know the difference between the melanin in the hair or the pigmentation in the skin. Feel free to book a consultation beforehand to ensure your skin and hair would see beneficial results. Last thing to note in preparation for laser hair removal is shave the area, if the area is not shaved prior to your appointment I can simply do it for you. Easy right?

What do I Need to do/know for After My Laser Treatment?

After your laser treatment you want to avoid anything that will cause heat or friction, such as, working out, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, baths etc. If the area is still warm or irritated after a treatment apply aloe Vera and or cold compress, that should take away some of the irritation (if any). Do not shave the treated area for at least two weeks. This is because you want the treated hair to completely shed out of the hair follicle. If you are finding some hair in places you don’t want it, you can gently exfoliate them using a loofa and they should gently fall out.

Is There a Healing Process After My Laser Treatment? No! There is no healing process after laser hair removal. If you follow all of the after care instruction everything should be perfectly fine. I have heard from many clients that they are fine after their treatment, and if they were red or warm (feels like a sunburn) that sensation goes away after a few hours. No down time with this procedure! That’s exciting right?

What Should I Expect After My Laser Hair Removal Treatment? After your treatment your skin may feel like it has a sunburn and may be irritated, and red as if you truly were sun burnt, this is normal. Don’t freak out, but your skin may be bumpy and lightly scab, again this is completely normal and bumps and scabs will subside. However, I will tell you, as I tell all my clients. If there is ever a reaction that you are unsure about, contacting me is always an option!

What Does LASER Mean? I really hope this question has come to mind. LASER is actually an acronym. Bet you didn’t know that! Therefore when laser is advertised as LAZER I cannot promise that it will deliver the same results as LASER (spelt with an S). LASER stands for L-light A-amplification by S-stimulated E-emission of R-radiation. This is a very important tid-bit of information!

Let's talk prices, the famous question. "HOW MUCH?"

Upper lip/chin/cheeks $25-$50 Neck $40-60 Underarms $50-75 Arms $100 Stomach/Chest $100-400 Bikini $50-75 Brazilian $100 ½ Leg $150 Full Leg $300 Chest or Back $100-400

Thank you for reading and I hope you feel confident in my knowledge and professionalism. This all being said I can NEVER promise results, as everyone is different and will have a different experience. That being said, I am very confident in my technique, and the machine I use. However, I cannot provide information on why your laser results are not as effective as you would like, if I did not do the procedure or treatments. There are different technicians, different machines and different treatment plans. I do feel bad for those who spend the money and are un happy with their results… unfortunately it does happen. It just is out of my discretion and out of my control to advise you on how you should go about your laser treatments with other technicians or clinics. I hope this has helped you, and I will see you for a laser treatment!

* Please note - you will have to contact me to book your laser appointment, as this is not an option on my online booking system* info@inspirationsaesthetics.com or 519-701-2544

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