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Updated: May 3

Hey there! If you are interested in the benefits of a Jade Stone roller, or simply want to know what the hype is about, then this blog post is the one to read!

I hope I answer your questions and inspire you to purchase yourself a Jade Stone Roller! Happy reading and lets roll!

First things first. Jade Stones have been around for a very long time and have been used in the beauty industry since they were first discovered! Egyptians first started using Jade Stones in their beauty routines, which quickly became a routine in other cultures. Shortly after, the Chinese culture was deeply immersed with using the Jade Stone in their beauty routines. Not only did they see the benefits in using Jade Stone in their daily beauty routines but, the Jade Stone was also heavily influenced and involved through their medicine practices. So, that all being said, although Jade Stone rollers seems to be a trend right now, this trend has some face value! The Jade Stone roller is not a trend that is a gimmick; the Jade Stone roller is something that has been a beauty secret for decades! Its just advertised and socially depicted as trendy now! But this trend does have multiple benefits! Now I have really gotten your attention haven’t I?!

Now that I have your attention, I will cover the benefits that a Jade Stone roller will provide for you and your skin! Cause after all, that is why you are reading this, right?

Benefits of using a Jade Stone roller: 1. It can help with definition in your face –work out that face and get that contour! What this means is, that it helps target your cheekbones or jaw line for a more contoured and defined look! (Using your jade roller in an upward motion helps with contouring and lifting and if you go downwards that is beneficial for lymphatic drainage)

2. Evening out skin tone and helping to reduce redness 3. Promotes collagen production (helping with fine lines, wrinkles and scarring) *healthy aging* 4. Eliminates inflammation (meaning – it helps reduce bacteria build up which means prevention of future breakouts and or helps reduce size, pain and visibility of current blemishes) 5. Reduces edema (edema is simply just known as water retention / swelling and redness within the skin) 6. Helps with chronic skin conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis, acne) 7. Mental and emotional aid (Anxiety, depression, stress, memory etc.) You might be wondering how this has to do with skin health… but let me tell you!! The less stress and turmoil your body and mind go through the happier and healthier your skin will be (this is due to hormonal releases and imbalances and proper sleep; just to name a few)

6. The number one reason and the most important benefit (yes, I saved the best for last) is DRAINAGE!! This is an incredible tool to help with lymphatic drainage. By encouraging some motion and detoxification in the lymph nodes the jade stone will positively contribute to brighter more youthful looking skin! Why and how you ask, well, it relieves congestion in your skin, aids in blood flow which gives you a glow and allows your lymph nodes to work properly. Told you this one tid bit of information was important!

Okay, so, all those benefits are pretty legit right? Now I am going to answer your next question… “How do I use this thing?”

How to Use your Jade Stone roller: 1. Always use your Jade Stone roller on a clean dry surface (Cleanse off all dirt, debris, makeup and pollution, pat to dry *be gentle*) and start rolling! 2. Take your Jade Stone roller and start rolling in an upward motion- go up your neck, and continue this motion. Be gentle around your eyes. If your roller has two sizes the smaller size is for nose and eyes and the larger size is for other areas.

3. If you are doing this at night, feel free to apply an oil on your skin and use the Jade Stone roller to emphasize that treatment, the oil will absorb deeper into the skin from the Jade Stone roller spreading it equally around the skin and will help activate the oils, giving you even more benefits! 4. If your skin is super sensitive or you simply want more of a spa experience put your Jade Stone roller in the fridge, this gives your treatment that cooling, calming and sensational element! ( PS: this is also a good option for when you have a headache) I have an IGTV uploaded on my instagram with a step by step lifting and contouring massage with a the roller, and hopefully coming soon another video on how to do a home lymph drainage video.

Why Jade? Can I use any other stones? Each soon has their own specific benefits and advantages; so choose one that you feel drawn too or which properties speak to you. Jade seems to be the most popular roller to use. The Jade Stone is known for having a serious calming influence to the skin, which makes it great for inflammation and skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and acne. Jade Stone is also known to improve skin elasticity, collagen and encourages lymphatic drainage (which we now know is SUPER important)

Yes, there are other stones on the market that you can use! It all depends on what benefits and results you are looking for. The other common stones used in facial rollers are Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Yes, all will encourage lymphatic drainage!

I hope this answered a few of your questions! Just remember it is important to take care of your skin! Lift that roller to your face; I know you wont regret it!

“Rollers are like an incredible work out for your face”

Thank you for reading! If you want to add a crystal roller into your routine let me know! I have all three options (Jade, Rose Quartz and Ameythyst)

In addition if you would like more information or would like to check out my sources- I have provided them below! Giving credit to some awesome sources that helped me provide the best information for you:

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Happy Rolling!

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