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What’s up with ZOE?

Updated: May 3

Have you been looking for that all-star thing to amp up your skin routine? Okay, so you already see me for your monthly facials, you are using amazing skincare products, but, you still want more! You are not alone! I am riiiiiigght there with you! So, really, what’s up with ZOE?

This is such an exciting time for me personally and for the growth of my business! I have been searching for a device that has never existed for what feels like forever! I thought of specific properties that I wanted this (at the time made up) device to do, and the more I researched the more I started thinking, “Gosh, I am going to have to somehow create one myself!”. Just as I was feeling discouraged and beginning to stress about how to even go about creating this very detailed, specific device, I had a meeting with someone (also in the cosmetic/medical beauty industry) and she had asked me if I heard about the new ZOE Sonic device. I regretfully replied no (feeling like I should know what this device is about, especially being in the skincare world). She started explaining the benefits of this device and how it is going to blow up the market and asked if I wanted to try one. I of course agreed to try one with no hesitations and continued to do my own research on this device. As everything I was hearing about seemed to be my dream come true, I thought to myself, “can it be”? I have been waiting for this moment for so long! Is it actually here? This device is ready to smash conventional beauty and take everything to another level and I am about it!

So, without further ado (drum roll please), I am excited to announce that Inspirations Aesthetics now retails these wickedly awesome, dream come true, result driven, colorful, handheld, easy to use ZOE sonic devices! Yes, ZOE is not a person we are gossiping about, but rather ZOE is a skin changing, routine improving, skincare device. So, let me tell you about this beautiful little handheld thing that I couldn’t have created better myself! Seriously, after reading this your going to ask “what does this device not do?! I have to have one”

This 3 in 1 device is truly game changing and revolutionary! Get ready for this handheld device to clean the skin by using 2,500 soft medium size antimicrobial medical grade silicone bristles (say that 5X fast). These bristles move at over 6,000 pulsations per minute to remove makeup and dislodge any bacteria and or dead skin cells. This device also helps get in those hard to get places like the grooves of the nose, in between the brows and or chin! As these gentle bristles are actively cleaning the skin, it reduces the bacteria build up and appearance of comedones everywhere! It removes 99.5% of skins bacteria away from the pores (wow!) With this gentle movement and light vibration (which has 15 speed/intensity options by the way!), it also provides a light yet effective exfoliation, which contributes to healthy new cells, tighter skin texture and appearance, and of course that undeniable glowing complexion! This same ZOE device also has massaging properties which rejuvenates the skin, increasing blood circulation which not only feels like a relaxing spa treatment done at home, but it helps fight and prevent aging! The settings increase the likelihood of serums, creams and moisturizers to be fully penetrated and absorbed into the skin. When it is on the anti-aging mode it channels lower pulsation movements that delivers a massage which smooths out appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines! A smooth complexion and better appearance without Botox? I’M IN!

The ZOE sonic device has been reviewed by many doctors, surgeons, dermatologists, skin care specialists and aestheticians, and everyone has been blown away by the results and the quality of the device. Everyone is impressed and excited about what this device will do in expanding the beauty industry.

After hearing about all the benefits of The ZOE and all the features, I am sure you want to know the final selling features that make this device so extraordinary! So, here are the main differences that seal the deal!

1. There are no bristles on the ZOE that hold bacteria, where the clarisonic is a brush which has multiple bristles that house bacteria. Comparing the two devices the ZOE is made with a medical grade silicone. This is beneficial because it can be properly disinfected and secondly it does not have anything for bacteria to hold onto or to spread, therefore bacteria cannot stay and/or breed on these silicone groves, which is a major benefit. PS. The ZOE is 3X more hygienic than a bristle brush! 2. The ZOE does not need any replacement heads. The clarisonic (once used frequent enough) has removable heads that need to be replaced. Whereas the ZOE just needs to be recharged (300 uses can be used just based off of one charge!). This saves money which makes your routine luxurious and affordable…. To make this even better…not having replacement heads helps the environment in the long run! Talk about a WIN-WIN situation! 3. The movement of the ZOE in comparison to a bristle brush is important to touch on. The ZOE is so gentle and with the ability to adjust settings any skin type can use this device. The clarisonic or similar facial brushes can only be used on specific skin types and should be avoided on and around blemishes. If the rotating brush is going to quick or too much pressure is applied, the bristle brush can actually damage the facial skin, whereas the ZOE will not. 4. This device can be used anywhere on the body!! This promotes healthy body skin in addition to healthy facial skin!

Now let me tell you about my personal testimony of this device so that you know I have personally tried it and can share true results!

After my first use (at night for two minutes) my skin was super soft! I was actually impressed… and shocked. I don’t know if I was expecting to be let down… or if my guard was up just because it truly did seem like this device was too good to be true, so I think I was just playing it safe, but I loved the immediate results. Let’s face it, I did the research so I knew it would gently exfoliate my skin but didn’t know to what extent or how the texture of my skin would feel… and how long I would have to wait to feel results. But, yup! Results were instant!! For me, the results were not immediate erasing of my fine lines but rather the texture of my skin was immediately improved. Truth be told my skin did feel and appear healthier. Personally, when using the ZOE, I had to lower the intensity as the levels are quite strong and I preferred it less intense for my facial cleanse and massage. However, I do appreciate that it does have different settings for different skin types and different preferences. Even with using a gentle setting my skin flushed a little on the cheeks (a response like this is totally normal by the way, hello blood flow and increased circulation!). It was a lovely addition to my skincare routine. I loved the spa treatment feeling done at home and I loved that I now have an extra step to increase the health and maintenance of my skin. After using it a few times I could already see light improvement of skin impurities. I am excited to see the long-term results. My skin care game just went up about 10 notches and I am jazzed about it!

Do you have any additional questions? Contact me, I will add the questions to this posting, because I am sure if you are asking it, so are others! In addition to adding it to the blog I also will respond personally with answers for you! Interested in this device? Come into Inspirations Aesthetics as it is available for retail! Retailing at $225!

Happy SKIN cleaning!

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