Skincare Treatments

Facial Treatments

Custom Facial   $95

This custom treatᐧment is curated just for YOU. I have developed and evolved this treatᐧment myself - It is unlike anything you have experienced, and it’s a favourite among my clientele. I tap into your skin's cravings,’ use my expertise, intuition, and create the perfect nourishing cocktail to serve your skin. This custom facial is all about mixing techniques and products specifically tailored to your skin, goals, and desires. By tuning into your skin, you are able to tune out the noise of life, and dial into yourself. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and deeply connected to your skin. Anyone, and any skin type, can enjoy out this treatᐧment. I can’t wait to treat you and your skin to this decadent practice! Custom Facial on my blog, podcast and Instagram.

Fire and Ice    $150

The legendary iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial treatᐧment is the sensory experience you and your skin deserve. This facial invigorates all of the senses - The duality of heat and cooling sensations on the skin, while incredible scents help you drink in the experience. If you’re looking for a luxurious treatᐧment, this is the one! It will help the skin in resurfacing and rejuvenation in a succinct amount of time. This treatᐧment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, helps brighten and tighten the skin's complexion, lifts pigmentation, and helps to reduce pore size. Extractions are included if you wish.It is suitable for all skin concerns except for those with Rosacea. Allow yourself to melt into this treatᐧment with a warming steam, honey cleanser, and enjoy the relaxing and cooling effects of the luca championniere rejuvenation mask and massage.Ahhh….   Learn more about the Fire & Ice facial on my podcast and Instagram.


Glycolic Facial   $70

The glycolic facial is a sensational experience in so many ways! The tingling effects of the facial targets the deep layers of the skin to address any damage, bacteria, and helps restore it. Although “acid peel” has this treatᐧment sounding intimidating, don’t be - it’s great for most skin types as it stimulates healthy new cells and encourages collagen production. In this treatment, a hydration mask is applied along with serums and moisturizers to soothe and quench the skin. There are a few options available to pair with this treatᐧment - make sure you check them out. For more info, check out my podcast, blog and Instagram.


Microdermabrasion   $120

This is a popular service that you may hear a lot of people talking about. Here’s why - The iconic microdermabrasion facial is a treatᐧment done to improve skin's texture, encourage cellular regeneration and brightening skin’s overall appearance, by removing the external dead layer of the skin. After getting this treatᐧment, products and ingredients are much more effective and efficient. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation experience accompanied with extractions, luxurious mask application, and ends off by massaging serums and moisturizers. This satisfying facial provides an immediate glow, reduction in pore size and appearance, and offers skin a youthful boost. Learn more about this long standing popular treatment by going to my blog, podcast and Instagram. 


Please Note: This treatᐧment should not be done on those with active acne or rosacea.

Microneedling   $275

Don’t worry if you have a fear of needles - this treatment is far from scary! What if we called it Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)?! That’s all it is. This treatᐧment has changed the game in skincare by inducing the skin with as much collagen as it produces naturally in one full calendar  year, in just one treatᐧment. That’s a mega collagen boost! Not only does this sound sexy, but the results are next level. This treatᐧment reduces pore size, treats scarring, indentations, pigmentation, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, and helps with stretch marks. Head over to my blog, IG, or podcast for more information. 


Please Note: Be prepared for redness for the first 1-2 days. Take this into consideration when booking - but trust me, it’s worth it! *Packages available.*

Micro-Peel or Derma-Peel    $130

Combining two influential treatᐧment into one, this facial brings results to an entirely new level - if you can handle it. Seriously though, this treatment is for those tougher skin types that require a little more TLC. It is a blend of an exfoliation done by microdermabrasion or dermaplaning (you choose), and an application of glycolic. Joining the mechanical and chemical exfoliation improves texture. First, we remove dead skin. Second, we apply the glycolic. This duo treatᐧment allows the products to work more rapidly through the skin. I recommend 1-2 days of downtime following this treatment, so please consider this when booking. Experience this powerful blend to treat your pores, scarring, or pigmentation on a deep level. If you want to learn more, head over to my blog.

LED Treatment   $45

LED is completely customizable and tailored to any skin type or concern. With a wide variety of colour options LED can help any skin concern. This treatᐧment is literally a light show for your skin! Each colour supports the skin in different ways and is an influential treatᐧment LED stimulates the blood flow providing a super boost to actively firm, lift and restore the skin’s epidural cells. It can also help soothe the skin and fight off free radicals. In this experience, you will also enjoy a skin cleanse, hydration oils, serums, and protective creams. Great on it’s own, or add it to any other treatᐧment. Learn more with me on Instagram, my blog, or podcast. 


Please Note: If you are epileptic or pregnant we will choose another option for you.

High Frequency   $45

Bringing frequency to an entirely new level, this is an exceptional addition to any facial! Including high frequency increases circulation and oxygen to the skin, which promotes natural detoxification. It is extremely effective for treating stubborn acne, helping reduce oil production, shrinking pores and the appearance of blemishes. In addition, it is used to treat pigmentation, scarring and puffiness in the skin. This treatᐧment includes a skin cleanse, toner, mask, serums and protective creams. Great as a stand alone treatᐧment, or you can add it on to others. 


Please Note: If you have chronic migraines, a pacemaker, or are pregnant, it is not recommended. We can chat about finding another option.

Dermaplaning    $100

Dermaplaning is a blend of a mini custom facial with vellus hair and dead skin removal. This treatᐧment has gained popularity, because of its ability to remove the peach fuzz giving the skin that baby smooth finish. Removing the hairs also makes for a great exfoliant. Your skin will feel oh so smooth! After dermaplaning, we treat the skin with a facial masque, followed by a luxurious massage with curated serums/moisturizers chosen for your skin type. Dermaplaning can be a great standalone treatᐧment, or it can be added to a custom facial, Micro-Needling, LED or oxygenation. If this is intriguing and you still want more, head over to my blog, podcast or Instagram. 


Please Note: Your hair will not grow in thicker or darker, so no need to worry about anything there.

Oxygenation    $70

If you are looking for some major glow, this is the facial you will definitely want to go for! Your skin will feel so supported, and your cells will continue to soak up the hydration for a few days. This oxygenation treatᐧment is the treats of all treats - a powerful blend of antioxidants plump and detoxifies the skin, while giving you that ultimate glow. This powerful treatᐧment gives your skin life, while you get to zen out. I highly recommend this facial before special events - my brides love this one! This is a fantastic treatᐧment on its own, or it can be added to a custom facial, dermaplaning treatmentand or Facial Cupping. Check out my blog, podcast and Instagram for more information.

Facial Cupping   $55

Traditional Chinese Medicine helps promote skin health by detoxifying, plumping, and contouring the skin with cupping. This ancient technique helps reduce inflammation, puffiness, and it is incredibly relaxing. Great for naturally contouring and lifting the skin as well by bringing blood to surface for an immediate glow. This is a wonderful service to experience - if you have broken capillaries, severely sensitive skin or rosacea this would not be suitable for you. If you are experiencing acne or some blemishes we can focus this treatment on the neck and chest.  Facial cupping can be effective on its own or can be added to any treatᐧment. You will get an intro to touch and lymphatic drainage followed with a gentle hydrating cleanse. While under the steam, applications of serums and oils before and after the cupping, and it concludes with a protective cream. Follow me on Instagram or hang out with me on my blog or podcast.

Inspirations Signature Facial    $100

A truly unique and luxurious experience, if you’re looking for something more than skin deep. The Inspirations Signature Facial is a special and sacred experience that I have carefully curated over the years. It’s a treatᐧment that I believe many of us crave and need, but it isn’t available in spas and clinics. So, I created it! This treatment is the one that has my clients coming back over and over. It was not something taught to me, it was gifted to me by my intuition. It’s where you can truly treat your skin and soul simultaneously - an opportunity to intertwine the two infused with love, care, and connection. Enjoy quiet time and a pause for your nervous system, while you are guided through a soothing meditation, and I get to do my work. Enjoy being pampered, while my intuition guides me through the treatment, product choice, and your needs. This one is TLC on all levels, and I am extremely proud of it. My greatest gift to your skin, body and soul - I can’t wait to treat you with this magic and have you experience it yourself!

Body Treatments

Custom Bacial   $100

This treatment is focused and customized to treat bacne (back acne). Just as I customize everything personally during a custom facial, I will do the same in this treatment but of course focusing on the back. I specifically treat the area with appropriate products to help fight inflammation and bacteria. This treatment includes a double cleanse, tone, steam, extractions, massage, and applications of masks, serums and protective cream. Since the back is hard to clean properly, this treatment helps control the blemish and oil production; together we will also talk about changes that can be implemented and products to consider to reduce further inflammation.

High frequency can be added to the Custom Bacial at any moment for an up-charge of $30.00

Hair Removal Services

Laser Hair Removal 

Upper lip/chin/cheeks 







½ Leg

Full Leg 

Chest or Back











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