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Facial Treatments

Custom Facial   $80

Inspirations Aesthetics custom facial is exactly how it sounds. This facial is specifically customized in order to properly take care of your skin and provide whatever your skin is craving. It is like a healthy nourishing cocktail for your skin. This facial includes a double cleanse, the use of toner, exfoliators as well as a relaxing steamer that is beneficial for you skin. Extractions are also done in this facial, completed with a mask, massage and serum and SPF protective cream.


Glycolic Facial   $60

This facial includes a double cleanse using a sensitive milk cleanser, exfoliation done by using a 30% vegan glycolic peel, a neutralizer and extractions are done after exfoliation. After this procedure is completed, a sensitive firming mask is applied and left on the skin for 10 minutes. This facial finishes with an eye cream and a super hydrating protective cream.


Microdermabrasion   $120

This facial includes a double cleanse using a sensitive milk cleanser, then a micro controlled exfoliation starts. This is a mechanical facial. After the micro exfoliation there is a sensitive hydration mask applied left on for 10 minutes, while the neck and shoulders are massaged.This facial finishes with an eye cream, serum, and a super hydrating SPF protective cream.

Microneedling   $250

Micro-Needling has become popular thanks to Kim K. Although her after photos are quite scary I’m sure you have read the results are amazing! This facial is fantastic for scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and uneven texture. It also promotes collagen which tightens and brightens the skin, fighting current damage to the cells and prevention of further aging. This facial is incredible and results are undeniable! This facial will no doubt up your skincare game!


Oxygenating Facial Treatment   $65

PCA’s oxygenating facial is ready to feed your skin with the ultimate lasting glow! This facial treatment is amazing on its own or added to a treatment. Any skin type can benefit from this hydration focused treatment and everyone will leave with the popular JLO glow. All the active products are massages and layered into the skin increasing blood flow and cell rejuvenation. The more oxygen provided to the skin the healthier the skin is over all! 

Micro Peel Facial   $95

A Micro-Peel is the combination of two effective result driven medical grade facial treatments. Microdermabrasion is accompanied with the glycolic treatment to intensify the exfoliation process which loosens the cells and pores. This allows for the benefits to be as such; reduction of pore size, improvement of texture, appearance of sunspots to be lightened, fine lines and wrinkles softer, and an increase of new healthy cells which provides overall healthy glow.

LED Treatment   $45

LED is a light therapy treatment ready to be customized to the clients needs and conditions. This LED treatment can be done on its own or can be added to any facial. There are 8 colour options, each colour penetrates the skin at different levels which provides different results and each colour is chosen based on the skin conditions. For example, The Red Light Therapy; which is the most commonly used light therapy treatment, goes the deepest into the cellular layer and is used to help fight existing damage and prevent further damage. Red light helps fight against damage such as; sun damage, wrinkles, fine line, scarring and a dull complexion. Since LED is so customizable with the variety of colour options, this is a great service to be added to any treatment plan.

High Frequency   $45

This treatment option is mainly used to help fight stubborn acne and discolouration within the skin. High Frequency helps immediately relieve congestion from a painful blemish. Not only does it kill the bacteria but it will also help reduce size and redness. High Frequency also helps reduce pore size, increases circulation and oxygen within the skin and relieves other congestion such as darkness and puffiness in the skin. High Frequency is another service that can be done on its own or added to other facial treatments offered here at Inspirations Aesthetics!

Dermaplaning    $100

This is an exfoliation treatment effective enough for stubborn skin and light enough for sensitive skin! Dermaplaning is a loved treatment used to remove dead skin and vellus hair. It is a great option to remove peach fuzz, which is one of the main reasons this treatment is so loved. Removing the light vellus hairs provides a smooth porcelain finish along with a cleaned-up hair line. This treatment also allows the skin to be prepped and ready for product to absorb into the skin. Dermaplaning can be complimented with other treatments like a chemical peel, LED, high frequency and even micro-needling. This procedure alone does not require any downtime and provides immediate glowing results! Who knows, this might be your new favourite facial treatment!

Body Treatments

Custom Bacial   $100

This treatment is focused and customized to treat bacne (back acne). Just as I customize everything personally during a custom facial, I will do the same in this treatment but of course focusing on the back. I specifically treat the area with appropriate products to help fight inflammation and bacteria. This treatment includes a double cleanse, tone, steam, extractions, massage, and applications of masks, serums and protective cream. Since the back is hard to clean properly, this treatment helps control the blemish and oil production; together we will also talk about changes that can be implemented and products to consider to reduce further inflammation.

High frequency can be added to the Custom Bacial at any moment for an up-charge of $30.00

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